The Literal Cost of Success

Every year, USFSA (U.S. Figure Skating Association) designates a certain city to host the National Championships. For Juvenile Girls, the top 12 out of approximately 600 skaters made it to Nationals. Because it’s an Olympic year, this year’s nationals for Juvenile Girls will be held right after Christmas instead of January.  It will be in San Jose. A very expensive city.  Holidays is the most expensive time to fly – ticket prices are exponentially higher.

A time for celebration for our hard working athletes also means financial strain and or hardship for their families. Skaters have to cover the cost of all their own expenses and also the expenses for their coaches. Also Hannah will be working up to and through Christmas. Generally a time reserved for family, friends, & holiday traditions. No rest for the weary.

We are expected to cover the costs of 5 people (Hannah, parents, & two coaches), This will cost our family approximately $8,000.  There is no stipend. There is no prize money.  Again, $8,000. Merry Christmas.